Understand. Simplify. Then Automate!

CSI Automation serves the manufacturing industry with a focus on delivering the strategic benefits of automation technology, bridging the gap between your manufacturing assets and your company’s vision. We take a three-step approach to Understand, Simplify, and Automate your production process. Our job is to make sure that your company’s manufacturing technology supports your business strategy, not the other way around.

Our portfolio includes modular process skids and OE production machine builds, upgrades, and refits with PLCs, HMIs, Drives, Smart Instrumentation, and SCADA based control systems. We also integrate machine level communication networks to simplify field I/O wiring and to enable real-time production connectivity.

With extensive experience in the design, implementation, and maintenance of industrial control systems, CSI Automation engineers are proficient in technologies related to:
✔Batch control ✔Process control ✔Machine control ✔Automated test stands ✔Vehicle testing ✔Material handling ✔Finished goods packaging

CSI Automation also provides project managers, procurement and logistics specialists, control panel builders, CAD drafters, electricians, and programmers. This enables economies of scale while allowing project owners to focus on their continuous improvement objectives.

We provide full lifecycle support through our own product life management (PLM) system to optimize engineering yield and coordinate documentation for you at an enterprise level.

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